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 Dreams about the terrorist attacks on NY and DC

1. Precognitive dreams about the Attack
2. Nightmares and Dreams about the Attack

Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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  Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (2001 Oct). Dreams about the Terrorist Attacks on NY and DC.  Electric Dreams 8(10). Retrieved Dec 28. 2001 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Selected by Richard Wilkerson and the Dream Community


Below are two sections of dreams. The first are dreams people reported that were before the attack on NY and DC on 9-11-2001 and that people felt were related to the event. The Second section contains selections from nightmares and dreams recorded and distributed online after 9-11-01.


1. Precognitive dreams about the Attack
2. Nightmares and Dreams about the Attack

1. Precognitive dreams about the Attack
Trapped in a Building - by D
Source: Stan Krippner.

I am trapped in a building. It is as if people have turned against one another. I restrain another man who is losing his mind. I have hope that someone will enter the building from the outside--will rescue us--but when people do, they are mad also. People are throwing things to try to kill one another. It is as if war has broken out in everyday life. I break out of the building. It looks like a "Mad Max" film. People are covered with pancake makeup so thick it looks like flour...

I did not recall this dream on Tuesday until I saw pictures of the ash covering people in the streets of New York.
source: from dream-flow:

Dream Title precognitive dream from nette, the mystic
Date of Dream during the week of September 11, 2000
Dream Last year, September 11, 2000:

Nightmares following the birth of Sept. 4 - I am in a high rise and I see an airplane outside get struck by lightning. It is drifting into flames around tall buildings near my window, Mala? Airlines? As it starts to hit the building I feel pressure all around me and I start to freak out. Why did I have to go through such painful labour only to die minutes later?

In light of Tuesday's tragedy: I can remember the dream and how I felt, looking out of the window and watching the plane from the inside of the building. Mala? Lightning was wrong or misinterpretation of flames.

Comments by Dreamer I had given birth to my first son on September 4, 2000 and in the week that followed had a series of intense dream experiences, all accompanied by strong physical sensations like I felt in this dream, a pressure around my body pulling me down. I am not sure when I had the dream exactly, but I do know I entered it in my computer dream journal on September 11th of last year.

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Permission Comments I am glad I have found a place to share this
Dream Title Never in America
Date of Dream 8/30
Dream About two weeks ago I dreamed that I was in a large one story building waiting to board a plane to China. The Chinese began bombing. I could see planes filling the air and bombs were dropping everywhere. I hid under a cot in a back room. I remember being terrified, but also completely stunned that this was happening in the U.S.

The Chinese then began tying the hands of some of the people that were in the front room and taking them away. The rest of us they let go.

I was very shaken by this dream. When I awoke I remembered it vividly.

Comments by Dreamer This was not a common dream setting or theme for me. The most important feature of the dream was not it's imagery or the action, but the strong emotions I felt. The terror, anguish, and above all the shock and disbelief that this was happening here. That is why I feel the dream was prophetic although the details were very different from actual events. When I awoke Tuesday morning to hear of the events that had occured I immediately thought of this dream, because the feelings were the same.

Finger sliced by cardboard cutter - by JH

Before the event I have had several nightmares - that have personal dimensions related to my own challenges, but they also suggest perhaps a keying in to the collective. One dream a week before Sept 11 - was me looking through the inside of a burning plane. As I am in NZ I was of course asleep and dreaming as the terrorism was happening. I dreamed I was amongst dangerous forces - people with very dark eyes. There was a conspiracy. Then I was running in a building trying to escape something terrifying. It felt like Russia. Everything was in a state of collapse. I open a door I expect to be locked and go through to a back door - looking for someone to help me.

An Arab man comes towards me and slices my finger slowly and definitely with a cardboard cutter. It was senselessly cruel and unexpected. Most of the night I tossed and turned - waking a lot. I awoke uncharacteristically early and turned on the radio to hear the news. I was stunned.

Date: 2001-9-11, about 8 a.m. EST (roughly 1 hour before the terrorist
attacks on WTC, Pentagon)
Title: Person w/ questionable "Aerospace Engineer" passport
I'm at the airport as an employee, it seems, and there's this person there who at first I think is some guy that we've been hanging or working with for the morning perhaps. He hands his resume/passport to the person at the security stand, and it's a few printed sheets of fanfold paper. It looks like it may have come off of some old printer. It seems quite suspicious for some reason, and I think the other security woman there that I'm working with feels this too. I grab a copy of it and walk to the side, looking at it also in private. I forget the name, but the occupation says "Aerospace Enginineer". The whole thing seems questionable as I read it over and I wonder if this isn't a fraud passport. I come back out to where the person is and to where my colleague, the main security woman is. I tell her my thoughts privately on the passport sheets and suggest that we check this person out with the officials. The questionable person is now more of a younger dark, straight-haired woman (used to be more like a man, I believe). I know the person somehow as an acquaintance and s/he seems to be wondering what's up. I am not at ease telling her/him the truth that we are investigating her/him. After a little, these two customs officers come and talk to her and ask her if she has any stocks or options. They walk away before she even answers to check some other things. I ask her if I heard right about what they said, and I know she now knows that she's under investigation. I leave and go aside for a bit. Later, I feel like I would rather be honest with her and let her know that I encouraged the other security woman to have her checked out. (C.W., Montreal, Qc)

It is with deep sadness that I relate my premonition which occurred 24
hours before this terrible nightmare of terrorism. At 4 AM PST (7AM
awoke on Monday morning Sept. 10th, 2001. I'd had a dream about New
York City. I had an awful sense of foreboding and panic in my body. The U.S. is very vulnerable to an air attack similar to WWII was the message. An airplane would dive/crash into a building. It was imminent and very destructive. The impending doom feeling stayed with me. I actually called 911 to see what was going on. When I finally went back to sleep briefly, I awoke with the tragic sense of danger and I almost blurted out to several school moms in the morning, but I kept it to myself. I tucked it away that afternoon, feeling a little foolish at how it had really affected me and my perception of how easily a tragedy could happen. Until this morning, when I was not surprised at what happened, but shocked at how much the magnitude of what had happened matched that internal sense of impending destructive doom that I'd felt the day before. I think it's important to acknowledge this and it's difficult to talk about but necessary. May they rest in peace. Athough, I've had premonitions before, this is certainly the biggest and strongest esp. in the feeling of WWII vulnerability. It was actually the course of events when I awoke from an inviting dream on Monday about New York City that began the premonition. I thought I'd heard the sound of an airplane flying above. I was overcome with a terror/panic that was quite remarkable. For some reason it felt like WWII, that America could be attacked and that a plane would dive/crash into a building intentionally. I cannot emphasize enough, the magnitude of the feeling--that it was imminent danger and it felt overwhelming. Also, that the feeling continued to stay with me on Monday upon awakening again. When I called 911 to see what was going on and they assured me that there was a helicopter search being conducted for a fugitive in the neighborhood. The interesting aspect to this part is that prior to living here, I'd lived two blocks from a trauma hospital which constantly had helicopters transporting trauma victims to their site. So, naturally, I was used to hearing helicopters. (C.F., Santa Rosa, CA)


I certainly have noticed that MANY people here and in other dream groups have had a number of dreams involving a huge tragedy lately. I thought something was going on. I think this is only the beginning.

My mother has had recurring dreams about buildings collapsing, also I had one last night about my mother and I running through a horrible lightning storm, drenching pouring rain, fog so thick you could barely see through it, trying not to get hit by the lightning from above.
I think it does nothing but reinforce the fact that what's done to one, is done to all.

Praying for all thse in DC, Pittsburgh, NYC.

Here's a prediction I posted over a month ago on the sygyzyjob.net website when I assumed my dream meant an Earthquake;

Date: July 29, 2001 at 03:03:34
From: D.P.,
Subject: Fall/Winter,New York,7.7,80%

Has anybody else out there had a premonition dream of an earthquake hitting New York? I had my dream about 2:33 AM, July 29th, 2001.

In the dream I was watching the Today Show on my TV and Katie Couric was talking. All of the sudden everything at the Today Show studio shook and the TV signal from New York blacked out and immediately cut back to local advertisements. I also felt my house shake a little bit in the dream because I live in Michigan and quakes in the Eastern U.S. travel for quite a ways.

I also saw periodic cut-ins into the local broadcasts by Katie doing a remote hook-up from a television truck and she was talking about 10,000 people dying in a building. Either she was talking about the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center. In the dream the quake was very devastating because she could barely hold her emotions together on the air and in the background of the TV image I could see huge open spaces where tall skyscrapers once stood and one tall skyscraper billowing smoke from all of it's broken windows. While Katie was interviewing some survivors, more aftershocks hit the city and knocked out the TV transmissions once more.

I usually don't write about dreams and I usually don't dream about far away places, but this dream stuck out because it scared the "you know what" out of me.

My jaw hit the floor when I turned on the TV this morning.
Here's the link to my premonition;

Yours truly,Daniel Perez

(Earthquake devastates NY, including World Trade Center

Source: alt.dreams

Ok first of all Im 31, not a crazy, I hold a great job, live a normal life ( hehe i think ) and have a pretty happy disposition. And this is the first time i've ever even visited a newsgroup like this. Before I tell you what my dream was about I'll explain that all
through my life I consider i've had 2 types of dreams. One type is what i think is the normal type, sometimes wierd, sometimes great, sometimes scary.. but i usually remember them in the morning and a day later they are forgotten.

Then there are these other types, they are much more detailed, they make me feel things long after (sometimes years)and for some reason i dont know they just seem to mean alot more to me. They are often of situations or places I have never been in or visited.
Ok, now ive got that out the way, ( oh btw im in sydney, australia) the night before the trade center attack ( it was about 11pm here in Australia) I had 2 dreams that i can remember vividly.

The first was of an absolutely beautiful location. There were lots of green trees, 2 big roads, some low rise buildings that had quite an old look to them. the streets were very long and quite wide. but the wierd thing was there was not a car, not a person ... nothing in sight. I was walking slowly around this area thinking 'wow this feels soooo amazing to be the only person here'.
I didnt wonder why i was alone, just that it was very cool to be all by myself in this beautiful area. If I had to draw it now I could recreate it quite well.
So obviously when i woke up i thought, cool, but didnt think anything of it at all.
The 2nd one was MUCH weirder. I felt like i was in space, maybe on board a ship or something, but there were no visual clues, so i dont know why i thought this. I was in a big room that was very sci-fi'y, cant remember much detail except that there was an object just hovering in space, or it was against the wall. It was a white, or clear looking small pentagon. As i watched it i knew something bad was going to happpen, then all of a sudden it turned black, just like it would if it was a bit of paper and someone had put a cigarette lighter underneath it.

When it turned black i can remember an overpowering emotion of ... shit, this is really really bad, petrol, explosion, gota get out !!!! (btw this image looked only really a few inches long and wide )
I ran out these 2 doors behind me, they were those typical big chunky metal doors that you see on sci fi shows, as i ran out they slammed shut! i remember catching my breath and thinking 'WOW thank god i got out that thing was bad and i could have died' thats when i woke up.
so obviously the next morning (12 hours or so before the attack ) i thought NOTHING of those dreams except that they had that 'other dream' type feeling.
All day at work i kept thinking 'I am sooo crazy, i bet no one else here has dreams like this... what is so strange about my brain that i have dreams like this .... what a waste of mental power to have dreams that are sooo pathetic with no meaning at all'

then that night the attack happened... i saw it live on the news as the 2nd plane hit ..and was chatting on the phone to an american friend here in sydney. At this stage nothing clicked at all.

Then the next morning still no connection... then at lunch... i think i saw an image of the pentagon from the air.. u know.. the only angle that it actually looks like a pentagon... then all of a sudden BAM!!! i put the 2 together.
I actually felt scared and freaked out completely. All the emotions of the dream to night before came flooding back. I told a few people and they were like 'yeah yeah.. blah blah' and couldnt have seemed to care less, but inside i knew there must have been some connection.

so there ya go, ive had plently of these 'abstract' dreams before, and never connected them to anything but for the 1st time in my life it all seemed to make sense. The funny thing was .. even when i saw the shape of the pentagon in the dream... i never even once thought of the building. Maybe if i lived in the u.s. and the pentagon was more a part of my life i may have thought something of it.

I would love anyone who has any experience in these sort of dreams to reply. anyway ive carried on long enuf... cya.

reply to simon by "c"
Source: alt.dreams

Your not alone. I also have many such dreams. I seem to dream of a plane crashes before they happen. This has happened on several occasions. But the actual crashes always occur in the same way as in my dreams. Unfortunately, the dreams seam to have no real predictive value. The plane in my dreams is not always the same type of plane that crashes, and the location of the site is only a very general. For example, if it crashes near a road in my dream, then it crashes near a road the next day or two. But there is never indication as to what city or even state.

The last dream I had was a couple of days ago, before the tragic event. I dreamt I was a passenger (this is the first time I was a passenger in a plane crash in a dream) in an airliner. The ride seemed turbulant, and I started to think that we were in trouble. The plane suddenly lost control and started to head nose first into the ground. I thought, "Oh boy, we're in trouble". I went into the cockpit to find out if I could do anything, and I saw the pilot trying to avoid hitting the road. He aimed for a treeline just off the road. When we hit the ground, the plane bounced off the ground all the way into a comfortable flying altitude, and the pilot regained control and everybody cheered and clapped, as nobody was hurt. That's the gist of the dream. There were other goings on, but I don't want to get too long winded.


Some dreams from my dream journal that may relate to the horrible

May 12-13, 01 Dream: "In France, two of us. Acting of a war event"

(On Sept. 9th, my wife and I arrived in France to visit relatives, and

returned on Sept. 15th.)

Aug 30-31, 01 Dream: "I seem to be going to B's funeral or wake. S
is there, looking. I try to consol him. Suddenly it rains.
Lightning bolts hit nearby...."

Then on Sept. 6-7, 01 Dream "I'm with some others at night, traveling.
We get to a place between two towns and watch a lightning storm. The
lightning is hitting some radio and TV towers -- people exclaim.
Finally the rain comes our way and we go inside a building. Inside,
we talk about it."

Here again, the image of lightning bolts appears, which is a personal
symbol of death. In this case, the lightning is hitting radio and tv
'towers' -- I learn of the twin towers collapse via the tv and radio.

I believe, but did not record in my last dream, that someone says the
words, "Nine, One One". When I awoke, I recalled thinking that it was
odd way to include "911" because it wasn't about calling 911; rather
it was simply 9, 1,1. As it happened, Sept. 11 or 9-11 was the date of

2. Nightmares and Dreams about the Attack

9-12-01 "Searching the Rubble" by dreambat
source: Electric Dreams

I am with a group of people searching through the wreak of a large area and several buildings. The buildings seem to be in Colorado Springs and have collapsed on the side of a hill over a zoo. We all seem to be aware that there was also a terrorist attack in NY and DC, and this is somehow part of it. I am helping the group, they seems to be like firefighters, but they are also connected with the FBI.

I am trying to find crevices that I can get into. Some are too unstable, others too little. I feel guilty about some of the less stable rubble that I won't go into.

Up the hill, someone says they have found her. I go up the hill as a group extracts a kind of dog/coyote/wolf from the rubble. The creature is from the zoo and seemed to be blinded by the dust and can't understand that the rescuers are trying to help and is howling and crying, sometimes snarling and nipping the fireman lifting her up.
Dream Title Nice Terroists - anonymous from
Source: Electric Dreams (dream-flow@yahoogroups.com)

Date of Dream 9/13/01 @ 3am-8am

Dream Well it started out on a strange and foreign beach with three men i didn't know. Then two of them dissapeared and one skinny,pale and periced one was left. We were strongly attracked to eachother and we then had very uncomfortale sex. Then it fades into a wood paneled room where there are 4 tan men who are deffinately from the middle east. My four month old son is there with me they tell me that they may let me go after they finish making the bomb. It's real dark and damp in this room. Well they tell me i can go but then one of them comes in and says i cant leave they still need a hostage.

Then it fades to a large house that has a large stero system playing some music, what kind i can't remember. But there's also this slide/ride type huge thing. Me and about five or six people who are my friends,but i have never met these people, we are playing on this slide thing. One of the guys is my boyfriend we chase eachother and then kiss, i feel content and happy. Then the terroists come back and take me. well some how i then become the guy who was my boyfriend.He runs to try and escape. He jumps out of a bath room window and then on top of a van he falls through the roof of the van and see's me lying there tied up and then we look at eachother, the terroists open the doors on the back of then van and then i wake up.

Comments by Dreamer The dream felt really real. I want to say that these terroist were really nice to me or i got that feeling. i don't know how it relates to my life right now except to say it my just be things that have been on my mind.

source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Never in America
Date of Dream 8/30
Dream About two weeks ago I dreamed that I was in a large one story building waiting to board a plane to China. The Chinese began bombing. I could see planes filling the air and bombs were dropping everywhere. I hid under a cot in a back room. I remember being terrified, but also completely stunned that this was happening in the U.S.

The Chinese then began tying the hands of some of the people that were in the front room and taking them away. The rest of us they let go.

I was very shaken by this dream. When I awoke I remembered it vividly.

Comments by Dreamer This was not a common dream setting or theme for me. The most important feature of the dream was not it's imagery or the action, but the strong emotions I felt. The terror, anguish, and above all the shock and disbelief that this was happening here. That is why I feel the dream was prophetic although the details were very different from actual events. When I awoke Tuesday morning to hear of the events that had occured I immediately thought of this dream, because the feelings were the same.
source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Woiseu
Date of Dream 9/12/01;9/13/01
Dream I have had 2 nightmares since the attack. The first night was basically many people being rounded up, and being moved in a large ring. We could see the people shooting at us. I think everyone in the dream was female.

My mother was also in the dream, but not involved in helping me. Most of the dream is unorganized.

The next night my dream again inlcuded a group I was in, smaller, moving through a dark building. There were spiders. A large one dug it's fangs into my hand. It was inevitable that one would get me because they were all over.

Comments by Dreamer I often have spiders in my nightmares, they often bite me, and sometimes represent another person - being obvious in the dream...

source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Illegal Seagulls, Emily
Source: Electric Dreams

Date of Dream Saturday, 9/15, 7:00 a.m.

Dream I dreamed I was designing a web page for a course and it was a page of road map-like areas and mostly I was trying to fit together the shapes, colors and sizes so they were aesthetically pleasing to me. There was one section toward the top where I had animated seagulls flying to and fro. I asked my brother to look at what I had made and he pointed out I couldn't use the animated seagulls because they were "illegal" and that sort of animation could not be used. I argued that I was taking a course and so it was different, I could use them to show I knew how as I may need to use them in the future. He replied that the newer software and forms of animation coming out had made this older form obsolete and it would never be used again. I was turning it "off" in my coding and
deleting it when I awoke.
Comments by Dreamer I live between Baltimore and Washington and worked at the Pentagon during the 1970's. Currently I'm taking web design courses at the University of Maryland. In another online forum the night before this dream, we were discussing how the plane which crashed into the Pentagon may have been "lost" and only decided on the Pentagon because it happened to be there and the hijackers knew it.

source: Electric Dreams

These are two dreams I had since the 11th. by JB

This one was almost exactly 24 hours after the attack (afternoon nap at 3pm South African time).

I am walking across a field and I look up and see a low-flying plane. It is painted red and blue. Red on one side with blue stars and blue on the other with red stars. It flies over me and then rears up in the sky and loops over back towards the ground. As it turns above me I know that I must run, but I can't work out which way to run. It hits the ground behind me and debris scatters towards me. I finally start running, uphill, with dream-deadened legs. As I run, I am expecting an explosion behind me.

This one was this morning (Saturday 15th about 6am SA time). I am with my son. Some disaster has killed his entire class at school. I am standing around watching as they are buried. They are all being piled into a single huge coffin. Little toes sticking out of the end of body-bags. I am thinking of how bright and alive they seemed when they visited and wondering how my son is managing to keep functioning. He's quiet, but not upset. I think perhaps he has not yet realised what has happened - or just that it is too enormous to comprehend. I'm really struggling to get my head around the idea of so many dead children.

source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Fighting Back- by Bluefoot
Date of Dream 9-14-01
Dream I am at the house I grew up in, there is chaos in the streets with armed terrorists raiding my town and killing people. My house is already full of bodies and everything is broken, looks like... well, a war zone, which it is. Myself and a girl I used to work with are peering out into the street through venetian blinds, hoping terrorists won't see us and come kill us. I decide to prepare myself. I pick up a broomstick, and a tin can. I start thinking and I want to melt down a lot of lead (not sure where i would get said lead...), pour it into the tin can and set the broomstick in it until it cools and hardens, then use this creation as a mace to bash some terrorist skulls in. I don't have time to do all this, however, because one of them kicks in the door when all i've got is the broomstick. I throw the broomstick at him, he starts throwing knives at me, which i dodge, then he throws some throwing stars, i manage to dodge most of them, catch the rest and throw them back. Then he throws one that gets embedded in my forehead, which hurts. He laughs and says "Now you're dead!" But i'm not dead and i say "Not quite yet...", pull the throwing star out of my skull and throw it back again... Then it moves on to me being pursued by the FBI because they think I am in league with the terrorists. A bit later I run into my ex-girlfriend's father and he tells me how i've ruined the world... the sun is setting, the clouds are burning with big towers of flame.

source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Beau Bridges (S.G)
Date of Dream 9/12/01
Dream A very small dream fragment a few days after the tragedy to our country and the devastation to so many people:

No dialogue...just a close up of Beau Bridges. He looks straight at me (the dreamer) then he's doing something with his hands, below the camera's view. He comes up with an open lipstick tube, and applies it (deftly) to his lips without the use of a mirror. Then he smiles lightly, and looks directly at me again, and smiles as if to say, "This is really important, get it!"

Comments by Dreamer Beautiful bridges. That's what I think we
need now. Not the burning bridges that I fear. Here is this masculine man, used to leading. He has power, but he needs something else. When he applied the lipstick, it was as if he knew that he now needs the feminine side in order to be successful. He is glad to be able to use this part of his power.

Dream Title Trying on the 40's/Calico Red
Date of Dream Sept. 18, 200l@ 1 am
Dream I am in my grandparent's old apartment building in Seattle with some young women. We are on a second level which is a very nice lounge/bar trying on old vintage 40's style outfits. The young women look stunning in them and I take their picture.
Comments by Dreamer When I woke up it was clear to me that we
are/will be "trying on" what it is like to be in a major war such as WW II. It gave me a sinking feeling.


Source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title weird bombs by: derek
Date of Dream 9-12-01
Dream me and my friend dustin were in newyork and we knew that they were going to bomb us and then i saw a sand colored plane fly by i knew they were here then one flew over us about 25ft and it looked like it was doing a wheelie (kind of weird) and it had a desk on the bottom of it (even weirder) it dropped the desk and i got in my friends car and drone about 10ft then the desk hit the ground and blew up in a puff of smoke! we took shelter in this near by restaurant. we then went back outside to see more planes dropping green bombs that were about 3ft long when they hit they bounced we then took shelter under a cement overhang (one of those things that hang over the front of a restaurant but was cement!) i never actually saw any of the bombs explode! soon after i awoke! Comments by Dreamer i don't really know how it would relate to my life besides the fact i like to screw around and have fun!

Source: Electric Dreams

Dream Title Pogo.com craigory
Date of Dream 09.17.01/5am-10am
Dream I had a dream that Pogo.com was ran by the
devil. There was a massive skyscraper surrounded by smaller ones. And the taller one was creating lightning over the smaller ones. Then I entered. I think my mision was to destroy it. As I walked up the stair way I entered a classroom of sorts. Then someone or something told me that the one in the front was the devil. I felt the need to try to kill him with scissors that appeared from nowhere but I was scared. Then the scene skipped to a street near where I live. Kids were every where with balls or something everywhere. I still had the since that Pogo was controlling all of this. Then I was at a gun range. And because someone did not know what was going on. We all had to sit down and take a test. I was sitting next to a girl I haven't seen in years. Then a good friend of mine whom I also haven't seen in years was there. We were at my job and the building was empty. We had the mission of destroying pogo. But someone was coming so we left. But we went back to close a door. I jumped a fence and saw people so I laid flat to hide. As my face laid in the dirt I awoke.


"The Death Factory" by Jill Gregory
I had the following dream September 10 night - morning of September
11, 2001:

I am in a death factory. It is a huge structure of cement and wood many stories high. There is a huge fish like a marlin or sailfish without its sail fins. This fish is alive but hanging upside down from a giant hook somewhere up above near the ceiling of the floor I'm on. The view of the factory is like a cut away shot where I can see all of the floors. There is a man in his thirties very serious and intent. He holds with both hands a large iron hook with a wood handle. The metal hook is shaped like an L laying on its side. He has jabbed this hook into the belly of the fish and jerks the hook with long strokes upward and then downward - again and again. he is turning the vital organs of the fish to pulp. He hopes that the fish will throw up, in other words, be so injured that it vomits out its guts through its mouth. But the fish does not vomit. It just suffers silently with huge wide eyes staring. I wonder why the man doesn't just shoot the fish with one bullet in the forehead before torturing it. I telepathically ask him "Why all of this needless suffering?" the man replies without stopping what he is doing. He says to me matter of factly, "This is how it is done."
I awaken feeling heaviness and concern. I tell my husband that I have had a nightmare and it is a dream I want him to hear. I tell him the dream. When I turn on the TV while still in bed, I see the news and see what the dream was about.

From D: I read an article in today's paper that you are collecting dreams regarding the terrorist attack on our country. I would like to share mine.

[RCW Note: I assumed this is the Sept 17th article in the Los Angeles Times, thanks to the reporter, Louise Roug. :: In Dreams, Terror Takes the Stage First in a regular series on how (mostly) Southern Californians are coping with the aftermath of the crashes. ::

Two nights after the event, I dreamed I had a new job in the WTC. It was on the one of the uppermost floors. I knew what was going to happen but for some reason could not tell the other people in the office, nor could I leave the building until I knew what date it was. I remember walking up to one of the glass walls and looking down to the ground, very, very far below. There were no calendars anywhere in the offices, nor did the computers have the date/time on their desktop. I kept running from office to office asking different people "What is the date?" Everyone ignored the question, as though I had said nothing. Instead, they kept wanting to greet me and welcome me to the company. I was frantic to know the date, but no one would tell me. At some point in this horrible loop I woke up.


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